ChemExpert is a group of experienced, professional experts in the areas of chemical safety and international chemical legislation. The group was founded and is managed by Ms. Vered Giat, a consultant with over 20 years of occupational experience in both public and private sectors.

ChemExpert specializes in consulting and advisory services in a variety of fields, such as: chemical safety, chemical management and regulation, hazardous waste and hazardous substances.

We offer consulting services to traditional industrial corporations, start-up initiatives, biotech companies, private enterprises and other companies who seek to set their business in motion.

Our services include:

• Classification of mixtures and substances to comply with international GHS requirements such as the CLP regulation

• Authoring of GHS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in compliance with the appropriate country's regulations

• Risk assessment and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) review of substances / mixtures while using chemicals in the workplace and in innovative industrial processes

• Consultation on the import / export of chemicals and acquisition processes for chemicals in Israel

• Classification, definition and characterization of industrial waste streams

• Professional opinion regarding: Chemical safety, chemical regulation, waste definition and classification.

Examples of Safety Data Sheets:

Planty – EU SDS

Baunty 1 – Japan SDS

For further contact and business inquiries, please send us an e-mail at: