A memo to the Law Proposal "Industrial Chemicals Registration" has been published (1st October 2020)

When Israel joined the OECD in 2010, the state pledged to establish a national mechanism for the registration of chemicals. To date, Israel has not yet fulfilled this commitment, and is now the only country in all the OECD countries that has not regulated this issue.

The purpose of chemical legislation is to improve the ability to protect human health and the environment from chemical damage while maintaining the competition and innovation capacity of industry.


  • Management of chemicals at a national level
  • Increase transparency of information for industry and consumers
  • Replacing Hazardous Materials with Safer Substitutes

The bill consists of 3 stages -

1. Establishing a chemical database (Inventory) This database will include all chemicals produced and imported into Israel and will include the chemical properties of the material, quantities and its uses.

2. Chemical Risk Assessment: Selected chemicals will be chosen to have mandatory risk assessment and potential exposure assessment undertaken for them.There will be a set methodology for prioritizing chemicals that will require evaluation.

3. Formulating a recommendation for chemical risk management: Based on the results of the risk assessments, a committee will establish prohibitions or restrictions for its use, in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the chemical. These prohibitions and limitations will apply over the lifecycle of the product (manufacturing, use of disposal at the end of the life of the product).

Important principles in the bill are:

To aid in defining the chemicals that must be registered and the ultimate "quantitative threshold" applied in the registry, a proposed threshold is 10 tons/year has been suggested. The key elements that are being developed are the determination of a method for chemical prioritization, the creation of a procedure for chemical evaluation, the analysis of the risk assessment results and recommendations on risk management for each chemical.

In order to carry out the mechanism, a registrar from the Ministry of Environmental Protection will manage the registration of chemicals in Israel, and an advisory committee for the evaluation of chemicals will be created, with representatives from relevant government departments, industry and environmental organizations as members.


Schedules set for approval and application of the proposed legislation are relatively short, with the proposed date for implementation of 1 March 2023. From this date, manufacturers and chemical importers will have 18 months to report existing chemicals in their operations.

If these deadlines take place as planned, the stages of assessing and managing chemical risks will begin as early as 2025.

Link to the Industrial Chemicals Registration Law, 5720-2020 (Hebrew)